10. oct., 2021

Open letter to Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, President of the United States

Ph.D. Physics: Horacio J Téllez Oliva
Charleroi. Belgique
Mercredi 6 Octobre 2021
Joseph Biden.
President of the United States of America.
The present
Dear Mr. President.
Mr. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, I hereby express my warmest greetings. I am writing to you as President of the United States and at the same time as a GOD-fearing person. Indissoluble union over which you direct your life, and which has placed it in the oval office.
On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, you became the 46th President of the United States and had the honor of swearing on the bible. This ceremony, as well as any type of solemn formality for taking possession, is not done by tradition or custom, that moment is a process of enthronement as a minister of GOD. [Rom: 13]
You personally swear before the Creator to govern and watch over all his creation, especially us humans, to govern according to biblical principles and in which GOD hopes, He has the expectation, He yearns, that it be done according to what is detailed in the scriptures,…, And this reflected through your constitution.
I encourage you, Mr. President, to govern with power according to the fruits of the spirit that comes directly from the Creator such as: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control,….. [Gal: 5:22-23].
Do not be blinded or seduced by the other god who has been allowed to govern over earth for a time and with authority tempted the Lord Jesus Christ and from who comes: hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, …., [Gal: 5:19-21].
When lives count, Isn't everything urgent? So why?,…., Why shake and move the pieces of an endless chess? .... For four more years?. You well know that the “eye is not satisfied with seeing nor the ear with hearing”, four more years would not be enough, not for you nor anyone else and in the end, you will be able to verify and possibly with great pain that “everything is vanity. ” [ Ecle: 1].
You have been given enough power to change the course of history, do what is right according to our Creator and He will add more than enough time.
You must not prove anything,…, You has already been anointed [1 Sam 24], vehemently glad the heart of our creator, protecting his creation as far as his hand can reach. Isn't He the One who removes kings and establishes kings? [Dan: 2].
You have been enthroned over many souls, “govern”, but teach at the same time that it is imperatively necessary:
" Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. "
It is not with this word that the whole law is fulfilled?, ...., then, [Gal: 5:14].
Honestly, Mr. President,… “stop everything and LOOK closely”, you have been given a high position, analyze and see. You personally have nothing to lose and much less from the place given. if HE does not force us to do absolutely nothing…, HE simply limits himself to advising us; ...; then why?; establish relations with the peoples under the impositions and obligations, ...., all the peoples count according to those peoples themselves.
You have been given enough authority and hegemonic power to persuade everyone about every matter, principally about:
You shall love the Lord your GOD with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind, this is our first and foremost great commandment and from which life comes.” .
[ Mat 22:37].
On your back this great responsibility and debt is.
It is not written that "love can do everything" ? Do you think that depriving people and peoples of food and their resources,…., drown ? . Is this according to what is written? [RVR; 1 Cor 13].
Mr. President, the inhabitants of the island of Cuba, they are not your enemy, even so in the extreme case where they were, it is suggested to us:
" if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.",.[Rom 12- Pro 25:21]
GOD is love, isn't it?,…., therefore everything that is not love should come directly from the other god? [2 Cor 4:4]. Mr. President, it is not written that “Is it more blessed to give than to receive."?
Under the pain and suffering imposed, under deception, many of us would do things that are unforgivable to our human sight.
Outside of all human ideology and doctrine or political conception of men the inhabitants of that country serve other peoples and other peoples serve them,..., are we not talking about a certain good Samaritan? [Luke 10]. Mr. President that, that is not written for simple pleasure.
So far the only thing that we have confirmed and you will be able to see and check with pain is what is written:
“All this I saw, as I applied my mind to everything done under the sun. There is a time when a man lords it over others to his own hurt.” [Ecle 8:9]
Mr. President, is the time,…, put yourself in agreement with all the peoples, according to those peoples themselves, as has been written and time will be added.
Sufficient authority has been given to you to unite peoples, according to those same peoples, do not separate them, do not divide them,…., do not play in the game of the other god.
Mr. President
You are a minister of GOD not a pawn of the other god.
We could always conjecture any idea according to our own understanding, for our satisfaction and selfishness to justify our actions and thus proceed with our wants; "But first we must come to an agreement with our brothers, and then,..., later,…, our prayers will be heard and our sacrifices will be accepted.". [Mat 5:23-24].
Mr. President, continue to surround yourself with wise counselors, surround yourself with good people, surround yourself with impartial people, surround yourself with people fearful of the creator, surround yourself with hardworking people
It is not written that the "root of all evils is the love of money"? [ 1 Tim 6:10], then do not listen to these, do not lend your ear to these people, get them out of your house, clean it, do not allow him to enter,…, keep away false testimonials.
That at your round table people might be honorable and worthy, that in your decision meetings those people might be too.
Be energetic Mr. President and do the right thing and time will be added. You have been given authority over people as a minister of GOD, do well according to our Creator as far as your hand can reach, without exception, for all peoples without any imposition and according to these peoples.
HE suggests to all of us, without imposing them on us:
“Might mercy and truth never depart from you. Tie them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart [Prov 3: 3],…., and then,…., you will find grace and a good opinion eyes of GOD and of men. ”.
Be impartial and HE will add time. Direct your rule and power over inspired words and don't trust our own understanding and arrogance.
May your life be long, may GOD make you wise and give you the understanding necessary to rule.
Sincerely to you and with great respect Mr. President,
Horacio J Tellez Oliva